By klyaksun

It is one of those scorching mid-summer days and you want nothing more than one huge ice cream. Coincidentally enough, you find yourself right in front of an ice cream booth (how convenient). You ask for a strawberry flavored ice cream while your friend wants a bottle of cold mineral water. There are two vendors, one serving you and the other serving your friend.

Each vendor takes the following actions in the orderly fashion:

  1. Says hello.
  2. Prepares your order (depending on your need: ice cream, water, etc).
  3. Hands you the product, takes the money and says “thank you”.

This is…

By Marina Verdú

One day my company received complaints from one of our biggest customers and decided to send me and a co-worker to fix the issue on-site. Our application was supposed to read data from a text file and insert records into a database. However, when the button was pressed, nothing was happening.

After analyzing the source code, we noticed that the application was looking for a file at a specific folder with a specific name. When not found, it was doing nothing (empty catch block).

It took us literally 5 minutes to change the code to output a feedback message like…

Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST on Unsplash

Consider you own a website where people can buy/sell cars. Needless to say, you must have a search page where users can specify numerous search criteria. Similar to the page below from

Anar Khalilov

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